Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Marketing has changed, time the agency model catches up.

With the never-ceasing proliferation of technologies, agencies can’t just adapt to the ever-evolving data-driven changes of the last two decades. To do so would be merely a stopgap a temporary improvement in processes and results that meet marketers and consumers where they are today.

The agency models that sustain will be the ones that meet marketers where they are today and foresee where consumers will be in their buying experiences tomorrow. More importantly, they will be agile enough to keep up with the pace of disruption and innovation.

Not a stopgap; a solution.

Meet Secret Fort.

Secret Fort is a new model. One that isn’t left over from the days when the product was the North Star for marketing. It is a model born today in the fourth industrial revolution, where the always-on blurring between physical and digital has elevated consumer experience to the lifeblood of marketing success.



Two main pillars support the Secret Fort Model: Our Makers and Core Team. Together these two pillars create a lean, adaptable model geared for where brand storytelling is now and where technology will bring us.


Our Makers are a nationwide network of talent who are hand selected for their specific category experience and skillset. Comprised of all facets of marketing talent, including all talents from designers to data minds, they are able to be tapped into at a moment’s notice for each client project.


The Core Team is an established group of employees that manage and curate marketing solutions. This team comprised of lean account and creative groups allows for stability and growth. Paired with the Makers, the model utilizes a blended workforce and leans into the growing gig economy.



This agency model was built to be adaptive and reflective of clients’ needs today and in the future. It was built not just as a reflection of the transformation of the marketing environment; it was created to answer the marketers’ needs that have emerged as a direct ramification of those shifts. The Secret Fort blended model rewards marketers with:


Tapping into skilled, high-level Maker talent results in fewer hours spent on ideas that elevate our clients’ brand stories. Having the right people for each job ensures the majority of resources are being spent directly on a creative output.


Like with costs, utilizing the Maker network allows for efficiencies between briefing and final creative output. Leaning on high-level talent results in a higher hit rate of on-strategy creative from the get-go than with a standard creative model. The lean Secret Fort core team cuts the unnecessary politics and the curation process removes unneeded meetings.



Different thinking is needed for each client project. Some projects will rely on right brain strategist to analyze data and marry it with creative. Others will benefit from a creative with award-winning work. The Secret Fort model allows for the right people at the right time because the nation-wide Maker network is ever evolving. The right talent for each project is not beholden to one region or agency talent pool.


As internal marketing departments continue to make shifts to adapt to the systemic marketing changes and increased dissatisfaction with traditional agencies, marketers need an agency partner that can fit their internal model. Whether it's support for in-house agencies, AOR needs, or project-based assignments, the Secret Fort model adjusts to each marketer’s structure not the other way around.



Like how companies who utilize predictive data rather than just analyzing the past are the organizations that best serve customers, agencies that create models that are built to adapt to the future rather than building a stopgap can best serve clients.

At Secret Fort, we’ll meet you where you are and help take you where your brand needs to go.

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Written by:

Kelsey DeMarco,

Secret Fort Account Director

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