A Survival Guide to Better Marketing

Last I checked advertising hasn’t gotten any less crazy. It’s a dense jungle filled with consultancies, tech companies, start-ups, in-house, out-of-home, manifestos, minifestos, social, 360, :06s, SMS, UGC, AVoD, PR, AI, mobile first, second screen, third party, E-blasts, podcasts and before you even finish this sentence there’s someone working on subliminally streaming reflective QR codes into your morning latte.

All of this makes the search for better marketing quite daunting. However, as a marketing survivalist, Secret Fort builder, and captivating blogger, I will share some secrets that will help you traverse today’s vast marketing wilderness and not only survive, but thrive.

When somebody first discovers they are lost, the natural instinct is to not believe it and keep pushing forward with the hope that the correct path is just ahead.

In times like this it is important to remember this easy-to-memorize acronym:



Paying for



The operative word being, “STOP.” Take a minute to collect your thoughts in our Secret Fort – a new agency solution built with the modern-day marketer in mind.

Say you’re a marketing director ... let’s call you Amanda ... because it might actually be your name. Now Amanda, you don’t feel like you're getting your money’s worth from your advertising and would like to make a bigger splash – a feeling I’m willing to bet thousands of Amandas are feeling right now.

Well Amanda, inflate those water wings because Secret Fort has a tidal wave of marketing solutions to influence the world in the exact way that you would like.

Think of your current ad agency like a Swiss Army knife – a must have item for any wilderness expedition. Sure, you get a plethora of helpful survival tools all under one roof. But take a closer look.

Are you really gonna use that toothpick?

And why is there a nail file? Who’s getting a mani-pedi in the woods?

At Secret Fort, we have a better Swiss Army knife. Our model's sharper, lighter, faster and only has the parts you need. Because while we can all agree an apple corer can be a real lifesaver, you’d much rather save money.

Our model is different.

It leverages two main pillars – our Core Team and our Makers.

Our Makers are a nationwide network of hundreds of the industry’s top talent. Hundreds of Makers means more concepts and better ideas. And like Liam Neeson, they have acquired a certain set of skills that make them an absolute dream for projects like yours.

Our Core Team literally holds down the fort. It’s an elite crew of experts - Account, Strategy, and Creative - that works alongside assigned Makers to manage and curate marketing solutions.

We harness the strength of the increasingly independent workforce in our industry to create a lean, adaptable system. One that allows us flexibility to become the perfect partner for any Amanda out there, whether it be for long-term relationships or the nimble ally for on-demand needs.

It’s the classic 1+1=3 solution that allows Secret Fort to provide an endless supply of A-Teams that deliver breakthrough solutions to guide you out of the advertising woods. All while carving out all the typical agency inefficiencies and reinvesting that time back into the work.

In conclusion, to survive the fearsome marketing wilderness it is always best to react quickly. There’s no time like the present. We look forward to hearing from you.

JASON SAYS: Remember, all blogs are just a log without the BS.

To read more about how to not only survive, but thrive in today's marketing landscape, check out Secret Fort's field guide:

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