Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Follow along as we outline 3 principles for attracting top talent.

Finding top talent seems to be an elusive and arduous task for many marketers and advertisers in 2018. As a leader of an agency, is this top talent trouble wearing at your business?

If so, you’re not alone in your worries. In January, Adweek published the article “Marketers and Agencies Are Struggling to Find Top Talent, Even as Spending Increases.” The piece, which referenced a survey from RSW/US, stated that:

“Agencies and marketers both listed ‘finding good talent’ as their top challenge for each other. Eighty-five percent of agencies claimed they found it either ‘very or somewhat difficult’ to hire quality employees, with 83 percent of marketers feeling the same way.”

Here at Secret Fort, we consider this quest to be one of the most important parts of our business. That’s why, as we build this agency from the ground up, we are following a set of overarching principles to attracting top talent. They focus on refining who we are in order to attract the best possible talent.



Everyone in the marketing world knows that word of mouth is vital. However, it is often forgotten about as a key strategy to recruiting top talent. At Secret Fort, we’re reminding ourselves that all recruiting tactics must ladder back to creating an environment in which current employees talk positively about the business and culture. This means recruiting and retention strategies overlap greatly. We’re starting by focusing on the people we have.


More and more people are choosing to shift to freelance work. With an estimated 30-50% of the workforce being part of the gig economy by 2020, it is impossible to ignore that nimble, elastic talent models are vital to success. Freelancing is no longer a domain solely for people between jobs; it is a realm of the educated and skilled. The culmination of technology that enables freelancing and a workforce motivated by flexibility and autonomy means if you want top talent, you must adapt to the freelance market.


While being firm is necessary for business, being negative is not. Filling the workforce with people that drive down workplace moral doesn’t have a place within our Fort. Decreased workplace moral can result in less motivated staff, lower ROI, and less than desirable word of mouth reviews.


The goal is for top talent to want to work for you— for them to know about your company, hear good things about your workplace, and to feel respected whenever they are interacting with your team members.

While the tactics that help execute extensive talent searches are complex, our guiding principles are of a more simple breed. Our aim in the coming year is to use these guiding principles to be able to report that “finding top talent” isn’t such a challenge as AdWeek reported.

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Written by:

Kelsey DeMarco,

Secret Fort Account Director

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