Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Get the skinny on Logan Bennett and his past, present, and future with the Fort.

This month, we’re excited to welcome a fresh face into Secret Fort, as Logan Bennett joins the Core Team as Chief Experience Officer.

Sitting at the center of strategy, technology, and creative, Logan helps to expand ideas and bring holistic and personalized consumer experiences to life. As Chief Experience Officer, he’ll leverage his award-winning background to lead tech innovation, consumer experience, and data strategy at the Fort.

Logan has applied his “idea first, digital everywhere” mindset to a wide range of brands including AMC, Tyson, Coors Family of Brands, Gatorade, Intel, Toshiba, and more. We sat down with him to learn more about it.

Q: What kinds of experiences are you bringing as the Fort’s Chief Experience Officer?

A: Mainly, I geek out on the technology side of things, which is something that I believe Secret Fort needs. I have a very wide background in creative technology, social and digital strategy, and have spent a lot of time managing data strategy as well as crafting data-driven approaches when it comes to advertising. I think the thing that brings it all together is my knowledge and understanding of user experience. I understand and can help craft how a user will interact with something. And not just in the digital environment, but how to interact with something across every touchpoint, and how we can use all those touchpoints for greater engagement.

Q: Can you also explain your “idea first, digital everywhere” mindset?

A: Digital has to be in everything that we do because it’s in everything that consumers do. But the idea needs to be first and foremost, and it needs to resonate with consumers. The creative idea needs to be the number #1 priority and agencies need to stop treating digital as something we just bolt on. What agencies and clients neglect to realize is that consumers have already figured it out ... they no longer operate in a world without smartphones where digital isn’t a part of everything they do.

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of digital advertising?

A: I think it won't really be seen as digital advertising in the next few years ... it's just going to be communication and the digital part of it will just be a natural thing for us to do. In a good way, digital advertising has already started to just become advertising because of the way it’s permeated consumers' lives. Digital has forced us to change the way we think about ads. We don’t really think about them in a big Superbowl commercial, big production sort of way anymore. If that's the only way you’re thinking about advertising, then you’re going to be out of a job really fast. We’re starting to think about how we can use digital advertising to reach consumers in personal ways… sometimes bordering on creepy with how personal we can get.

Q: The biggest problem facing the ad industry today?

A: It isn’t nimble, fast, or flexible enough. Consumers are changing at a faster pace than advertising is. Part of that is being driven by technology and the industry’s lack of understanding of technology and of consumer behavior. It seems that advertising is just trying to keep up with consumers, whereas probably in the past, advertising was driving the consumer change to get people to switch brands, or get them interested in products. Now it feels like consumers are driving the change of the advertising industry and the ways that we communicate.

One thing I love about Secret Fort is the way that it’s set up. It gives me hope. It’s set up to be faster and more nimble, able to change faster than any huge agency can. I’ve been a part of large agencies in the past, some of the world’s largest agencies, and they’re like any other large corporation. They have a lot of red tape, they move very slow, and they just can’t meet the needs of consumers today.

Q: Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: I’ve been a pastor, professional snowboarder, farmer, worked in the logging industry, a corporate payroll tax accountant, and a rollerskating kangaroo mascot ... that was all before advertising.

Q: Is there anything on your wishlist for the next year with the Fort?

A: In everything that we do ... it’s on my wishlist to just have fun. I believe in having fun in what we do. If we aren’t having fun in what we’re doing ... then we’re doing it wrong.

The whole Secret Fort team wishes Logan a very warm welcome!

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Written by:

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